Cousins with a Vision

AMOUR781 was started by two cousins who found they were not alone in their struggle to find plus size fashion in the quality and materials they deserved. A conversation over family dinner led to the women wanting to solve this problem for more than just themselves. It was in that moment they realized they were able to change the landscape of the plus size market for good.

Armed with years of experience in luxury retail, Ashley and Char founded AMOUR781 with the vision of creating a curated selection of beautiful apparel that is designed and cut for them - and more importantly - YOU!

Why Us?

Our friendly store staff who offer expert style advice and have an extensive knowledge are on hand 7 days a week to help with any customer queries. Give us a call at 561-358-3677 or email us at info@amour781.com

Plus Size Centric

Our commitment is to the plus size community, starting at size 14 and going up to a 4X with all of the sizes in between. We are collaborating with designers and brands who want to break into this side of fashion, and we're helping them understand the intricacies of properly cutting and designing for the plus size and curvy woman. Plus size women represent 70% of Amerian women, and AMOUR781 is here to curate a quality collection for her season after season.

Quality of Fabrication

Our focus here is around sustainability and transparency to our customers. We will always search for brands that share these values and prioritize the quality of their materials. We want you to feel good about what you buy and even more confident wearing it.

Attainable Price

We have so many wonderful brands, from the luxurious dresses designed by Tanya Taylor to the everyday essentials from Mono B. We are committed to bringing you the best plus size apparel that will add value to your closet at attainable price points. Our dedication to quality of fabrication and fit allows you to feel good about how you look and feel smart about how you spend.

ashley full

Ashley has spent her entire career in the luxury retail space, holding leadership positions at Nordstrom's and other high-end retailers. She has an in-depth knowledge of the plus size consumer and her needs. She's recognized for her creativity, fashion sense and business acumen. She's passionate about using her experience and knowledge to improve the landscape of fashion for plus size women everywhere.

Charlotte Page

Charlotte's love of fashion began when she started studying the history of vintage and luxury. This was right up her alley given she studied anthropology at Dickinson and Harvard. She realizes there is a lack of high-quality and cohesive fashion choices for the plus size woman. She is driven to bring these choices to you with AMOUR781.