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Let's talk leggings.

Let's talk leggings.

Ashley Full, Amour 781's co-founder was invited to talk leggings with Every woman can point to her go to leggings in a snap - so we love this conversation!. Read the full article here, we've added some plus size musing below. 

Who should wear leggings? Anyone and everyone!  When we’re talking plus-size leggings shopping, it’a ll about the perfect fit, finding your favorites, and embracing comfort without compromising style. So let’s talk leggings….

Know Your Size Ladies:  Back in the day we had so few sizes to choose from we would find ourselves in an infinite trade off loop between size options and quality or style. Sizes can vary greatly across brands, especially considering the fabric variation so take the time to order a size up and down and return the ones that aren’t perfect. We like to add a contact “Leg Lady” in our phones and write the size for each brand so we can order with ease every time

Fabric Matters: The type of fabric can make a difference in not only the feel, but the wearability of our leggings. Leggings get washed more than most our clothes, so we want to get the most out of every pair - basic girl math. Opt for high-quality blends like spandex, cotton, or a blend that offers stretch and breathability. Avoid fabrics that are too thin, they can often barely last through a few washes before you can see your booty. And, of course, there’s the pilling issue. The higher the quality the less you find yourself picking pieces of fabric off your newly washed leggings.

Low-rise, no-go:  Whoever thought of low rise leggings was clearly drunk,they're unfunctional and unflattering almost every time. Be sure and read the description to make sure your getting regular, or high rise leggings in your cart every time. 

Careful with the prints, or go crazy - it’s all you.: We love a lady who goes out on a limb and leggings can be the perfect place. The only caution for our plus size sisters is to watch out for the big patterns that can get distorted cuddling our curvascious legs, stick with the small patterns that work with all our shapes. Of course, those patterns can run out of legroom (sorry, had to get one pun in there) pretty quickly so be sure and keep your solids handy for the timeless ensembles.

Capri or no Capri?: Of course, you do you and if you love a capri then embrace it! Regardless of size keep in mind that the shorter the legging the shorter your legs appear. Unless you’re rocking a 6” frame consider the full length legging as your go-to and use those shorter leggings when you really want to take your cutest sandals out for a spin.

Brands We Love:  At Amour we try before we buy to make sure our leggings are up to your closet’s standards! The Ponte Wide Leg Pants are our “fancy leggings” made from ponte knit - the exaggerated wide leg and high waistline are slimming and elongating on all heights and body types. Of course you can also check out the legging collection we curated especially for our shoppers. Don’t expect to scroll for hours, we’ve selected the best to make it a little easier on your day. 

And, in conclusion, and in answer to the question - should a plus size beauty wear leggings - we say YES MA’AM SHE SHOULD.  Enjoy the shopping friends, we will see you out there showing off those gorgeous legs.