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Do the don't and wear tight fitted clothing

Do the don't and wear tight fitted clothing

For the past few years, I always reached for something a little oversized, something to hide my body and curves. I would often think, if it is flowy then they won't be able to totally see all of me (crazy notion I know). Only in the privacy of my own home was where I felt safe enough to rock a tight tank. Why did I feel like that was the only safe place for me to show off all the curves? Looking at the fashion that was presented, I didn't see myself represented… until now. 

One of the first designers we started working with was Adriana Contreras. We walked up to her display of tight fitted bodycon suits at market and immediately fell in love with the fabric and the team. I won't lie, it took us a little bit to build up the courage to ask if they’re able to cut for plus size, as we know it is not just about making something a little wider, we need them take all the curves into consideration. After speaking with the team and designer, we felt confident that they understood our mission and what it took to scale something to plus size. We chose 3 different styles of bodysuits and a few other options and got right to work. 

It truly takes a village to bring a dream to life and we were so lucky to have the group of women involved in making this dream a reality. Taking measurements of multiple women and sending them to the team in Columbia to have them cut samples of garments with no fit model on site, it was a risk we were willing to take. Do it for fashion, do it for the community, do it for us and them! After a couple months we had a first batch of samples, a video fitting with the team in Columbia and notes taken regarding some fit changes we were on to our second set of samples. 

So often I find myself in a rut with options to wear or even buy for that matter. Everything in my closet starts to look the same, not because I want it to, but because there is nothing of quality to buy for someone like me. Now, I am not a 20 year old looking to rock a crop top and mom jeans (been there done that) but I am a woman who when she gets dressed or goes shopping wants something with construction and amazing fabrication so that I know it won't fall apart after one wear. Through this process of partnering with Adriana Contreras I found some inner confidence I thought maybe I had lost. Adriana Contreras showed us that if you have curves to embrace them, a large chest, show it off in a beautiful way, got a booty… great Beyonce and J.Lo made that cool 15 years ago. For the belly, accentuate the curves and love all the inches. So, Do the Donts and wear tight clothes.