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A Quick Reminder that You are Beautiful.

A Quick Reminder that You are Beautiful.

Body inclusion has been the “it girl” for a while now - the go-to phrase in fashion, on screen, in beauty standards and everyday conversations. Then came the weight loss drugs and it feels like we’re getting collectively sucked back into a world of size obsession. 

Can we please get unstuck from this cycle that returns again and again to reducing women to their weight rather than their self-expression? Maybe it’s because what we really need to lose is the shame, the secret shame that keeps celebs from admitting they are trying the drugs and the media obsessed with who is on what and who lost the most.  

Maybe it’s time for a real conversation. Because, when we don’t have an honest conversation about weight we hand the narrative over to others. 

Women in the fat acceptance (FA) and body positivity communities have spent decades carving out safe spaces for plus sized women, and the rise of Ozempic has infiltrated these communities like a sneaky assassin. Drug companies are soliciting the same influencers to market their products to their followers, injecting weight-loss messages into some of the only safe spaces for plus sized women online. And ironically, the resulting backlash toward Ozempic in the same communities has often manifested in body shaming of plus sized celebrities who are alleged to have used the drug. It’s a vicious cycle. 

At the heart of this issue lies the question of choice. Ultimately, every woman should feel safe and supported in making her own decisions, be it healthcare or fashion - we make the rules. And as a community, we strive to be open and candid about our experiences. So when your friend is trying out the new drugs, support her. If she doesn’t, same. 

I believe our role in the plus size fashion industry is to provide a space for women to make choices that feel true to themselves, and to shun the shame that keeps us quiet.  I get it, you might want to lose some weight - or just fit into those jeans you love. I would just ask, hope, pray, that our choices are driven by self celebration, not shame. Because you ladies - you are beautiful at every size. 

The journey toward true body positivity requires not just candid conversations about the quiet shame that drives record sales of these new drugs, but also we need to be LOUD and take back the conversation connecting self worth and self expression. Let’s lift up amazing women living authentic lives, designers breaking apart stereotypes and creating a new wave of fashion, make every “plus size” woman out there who’s story is so much bigger than her size the story.